Media Streaming Offerings:


Audio Stream via Shoutcast at rates of:

32Kbps, 56Kbps, 64Kbps, 96Kbps, & 128Kbps


Audio Stream via Icecast at rates of:

32Kbps, 56Kbps, 64Kbps, 96Kbps, & 128Kbps

We can provide both Audio and Video streaming solutions for Windows Media Services in a variety of quality levels. We also provide both live streaming, as well as content on demand for WMS.
Additional solutions are also currently in development.
We hope to provide additional video options soon.
Click HERE for pricing and to place an order.
Please note: Immediate provisioning is only available for Shoutcast & Icecast Servers currently.
All other media servers will be provisioned within 2 business days.


We have new contact numbers for our customers in the UK. No need for an international calls to contact us anymore.

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